Illinois Siding Replacement

Precision-Crafted Siding Solutions for Illinois Homes

Why Residents of Illinois Choose Perfect Choice:

  • Harmonizing Antiquity & Advancement: Illinois’ architecture is a testament to its rich past, seamlessly intertwined with the freshness of today. Our IL siding solutions honor this, merging classic allure with the steadfastness of contemporary design.
  • Adapted for Illinois’ Climate: Each siding we offer is crafted considering Illinois’ varying weather conditions, ensuring your home remains protected and comfortable throughout the year.
  • Superior Energy Efficiency: With our siding, homes are not only wrapped in elegance but also in energy-efficient insulation that could lead to noticeable savings on energy costs.



  • The refined 7” cedar profile channels the charm of true clapboard design.
  • Experience the sophistication of wood without the challenges of maintenance.
  • An array of 15 modern hues, perfectly suited to complement Illinois’s architectural diversity.
  • Deep grain texture paired with a seamless aesthetic enhances every home’s curb appeal.
  • Matching trim components provide a harmonious and polished finish.


  • Constructed from Cellular PVC, renowned for its formidable resistance against the elements.
  • Enhanced with Kynar Aquatec® factory finish, offering unbeatable protection from moisture, impact, and UV degradation.
  • Intuitively designed to ward off dirt and resist mildew growth.
  • A confident 25-Year Warranty on the factory finish demonstrates our belief in the product’s longevity.
  • Expertly engineered seams that repel moisture, ensuring interiors remain pristine.



  • Authentic woodgrain finish, capturing the essence of classic cedar siding.
  • Available in 16 designer shades, allowing homeowners to tailor their exterior vision.
  • Insulated trim further enhances the aesthetic while offering superior energy conservation.


  • Infused with cutting-edge graphite-enhanced foam and further optimized with Neopor® from BASE SE.
  • Exceptional resistance against thermal bridging, ensuring year-round comfort.
  • Meticulously designed for moisture management, safeguarding the home’s inner sanctum.


Top Features:

  • Brilliantly recreates the look and feel of authentic wood.
  • Assures minimal maintenance without compromising on style.
  • Engineered for superior moisture resistance and a hassle-free installation process.
  • Eco-friendly with its 100% recyclability.
  • Reinforced by a robust 25-year prorated limited warranty, attesting to its durability.

Design & Performance:

Ingeniously designed overlapping panels ensure a seam-free aesthetic, facilitating extended siding lengths. Constructed from recyclable aluminum, Cedar Renditions promises resistance against water, cold, and pests.

Our Pledge to Illinois Homeowners:

We are committed beyond installation. Trust in us for continued support, ensuring your siding remains in impeccable condition across seasons.

In Tune with Illinois’ Spirit:

With a deep appreciation for Illinois’ historical significance and its residents’ aspirations, we provide solutions that resonate with the state’s heartbeat.

Final Words: Where Legacy Meets Luxe

Homes in Illinois hold stories, memories, and heritage. With Perfect Choice Exteriors & Bathrooms, every story gets the magnificent exterior it deserves. Join us to imbue your Illinois residence with unmatched elegance. Contact us today for an in-depth consultation, and together, let’s craft exteriors that Illinois will be proud of.

CELECT Cellular Composite (PVC) Siding
Haven® Insulated Vinyl Siding
Cedar Renditions™ Aluminum Siding

Expert Installers In and Out in a Flash

Our seasoned professional installers are at the forefront of industry standards, combining years of hands-on experience with rigorous training in innovative techniques. This powerful combination ensures all installations, whether for a cozy home or a sprawling commercial space, are completed swiftly and with exceptional quality. Equipped with the latest in high-caliber tools and advanced equipment, our team works with increased efficiency and utmost safety. This arsenal of technology, coupled with their expertise, allows for precision and speed that set the standard for installation services. Each of our skilled technicians is a maestro of detail, orchestrating installations that not only meet but surpass expectations, minimizing the risk of future issues. Engaging our experts means investing in a service that places a premium on reliability and efficiency. Perfect Choice Home Solutions represents the optimal selection for those seeking prompt, accurate, and expert installation services. We stand by our commitment to customer satisfaction, ensuring every project reflects our dedication to excellence. Choose our professional installers for a smart, secure, and sound solution to your installation needs, safeguarding your investment and peace of mind.

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