CELECT Cellular Composite (PVC) Siding

Beautiful Look and Practically Zero Maintenance

Celect is inspired by the distinctive presence of wood yet
possesses none of wood’s far-from-perfect maintenance
demands. This is the very best of both worlds—where you
get the look, touch and timelessness of real wood without its
inconveniences and expenses.

Forget about mold, mildew, fading, deterioration, scrubbing
and messy maintenance crews. While you’re at it, disregard
painting, repainting, caulking, re-caulking and delaminating.
Celect’s awesome, virtually maintenance-free looks never quit.
Year after year, decade after decade.

• Stands up to impact even under
the harshest weather conditions

• Fade-resistant Kynar Aquatec®
coating withstands all weather
conditions and climates

• Backed by a 25-year color
protection warranty

Celect has the amazing curb appeal of natural wood, but
that’s where the similarities end. Its patented interlocking
joints* keep moisture out and almost completely eliminate
seams, so it not only looks authentic, it does away with
gaps and wavy lines—keeping boards straight and true
through the home’s natural expansion and contraction.

Plus its gravity lock design eliminates warping, buckling
and shifting while boosting wind resistance to more than
210 mph.

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