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Haven Insulated Siding by Royal

Keep heat where it belongs: inside your home.

There’s a phenomenon called “thermal bridging,” in which heat and energy escape through the studs of your home’s walls. Haven® Insulated Siding is engineered to dramatically reduce it.


Big curb appeal meets very high tech.

Haven® Insulated Siding is impressive from every angle and on
every level. It has the rustically curb appealing look of authentic
woodgrain, and the energy efficiency that comes with industryleading insulation technology.
Haven’s EPS foam helps it insulate better than fiber cement, wood,
engineered wood or brick. So it has what it takes to keep your home
quiet and conquer harsh climates. And it’s super durable, which
keeps you from spending precious time painting or thinking about
siding that warps, buckles or sags.


• Never needs painting
• Virtually maintenance free
• Helps keep moisture out
• Reduces noise by up to 45%
• Surprisingly green
• Industry-leading Double
Lifetime Warranty

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