Choosing Tile for Bathroom Renovations Can Be Fun and Challenging

Are you scrolling Pinterest and dreaming about the possibilities for your upcoming bathroom renovation? It’s incredible how much an investment of a few upgrades can transform a dark, uncomfortable bathroom into a beautiful, inviting space.

There are a lot of decisions you’ll need to make throughout the renovation process, including choosing tile for bathroom renovation. So how do you decide on the right colors, patterns, and features for one of the most prominent elements of your bathroom renovation?

Today, we break down a few of the best practices you can follow in choosing the best tile for bathroom renovation. Follow these tips, and you are going to love the outcome when we are done with the installation in your new bathroom.

Tips for Choosing Tile for Your Primary Bathroom

Which bathroom will you be spending the most time in? Most people shower and get ready for the day in their master bathrooms, which is why it makes sense to invest in the best materials and design features for these rooms. 

With the right tile for bathroom renovation and other interior decorating features, you can create a relaxing getaway in your home: a place where you can soak in the tub and decompress after a long day at work.

When you are getting started on a bathroom remodel in Illinois, the following are a few of the things that need to be considered during the design process. Remember that the design stages are the most important because once the tile is laid down, it costs a lot of time and money if you change your mind. 

So, don’t rush the planning phase. Instead, learn more about different products and features. Our team is here to answer your questions about tile for bathroom renovation. In addition, we offer personalized services for every homeowner, giving you the best results possible to create a bathroom that you love.

Choose a Color

Light colors look best for bathroom tiling because they make the room feel more spacious. When picking tile for bathroom renovation, look for lighter hues such as off-white or pure white. Additionally, modern bathrooms often have tile accents or patterned tile, with darker elements to add variety. Black and white is one classic color scheme that never goes out of style. Consider using penny tile if you want to include these accents in a unique, personalized way.

also, consider how the shower walls will go with the overall design. You don’t want to use a monotone color for the entire room. Instead, work with an experienced bathroom renovation contractor to pick complementary tiles that add depth and style to the bathroom. 

Don’t forget: not only do you need to pick tile for bathroom renovation, but it’s just as important to consider how the grout color will look with the tiles. Avoid grout that contrasts too much with the tile. For example, it might be too bold in a small space to use white grout and black tile.

Determine Where You Would Like To Install Tile

How much tile are you planning to put in the bathroom? These natural stone materials are excellent in the bathroom because they hold up well when exposed to water and steam. In addition, installing tile often produces better long-term results compared to cheaper finishes, such as paint. 

Most homeowners want tile on the floor because these floor tiles hold up much better compared to wood or linoleum. But think outside the box, looking for ways to tie in the design elements of both wall and floor tiles. For example, you might install patterned tile on the flooring and white subway tiles on the shower walls.

Tile Flooring

Floor tiles not only contribute to the overall style, but this tile for bathroom renovation also affects how the room feels. Most people walk into the bathroom barefoot because they are getting ready to shower. How will the flooring feel against your feet? Feel the surface of the tile and consider how the texture of the tile and grout will impact your overall experience when in the bathroom. 

Tile Shower

Do you want to include tile in your shower stall? Again, think about the comfort of the type of tile for bathroom renovation. For example, if you put a small bench in the shower, choosing a larger piece of tile or a slab is usually more comfortable when you are sitting for a portion of your shower routine. 

Tile Walls

, tile walls look great as backsplashes behind the sink. Or you might add a touch of luxury with an entire tile accent wall. It costs a bit of money to install these quality materials on the whole wall,  you’ll love the results when we are finished with the installation of your tile during your bathroom renovation. 

Tile Counter Top

The last area where you might consider installing tile is on the countertop around the sink. This part of the bathroom needs to be functional and stylish at the same time. Since the countertop is often the area where people set things down, such as the hairdryer or a hand towel, make sure there is plenty of open space. You can choose tile for your bathroom counter renovation or go with a full stone slab (such as granite).

Pick Tile Material

As you are picking tile for bathroom renovation, consider the size of the room and how the tile will impact the overall feel. For example, a small bathroom will look better with a simple, lighter tile design. Dark colors or heavily patterned tiles can be overwhelming in such a small space. 

You can envision what the room will look like with the tiles installed. Then, consider other design elements and bathroom features that will make up the whole look and feel. If you have a hard time choosing the right designs, then look for bathroom tile ideas online or talk to a team that offers tile for bathroom renovation.

Here are some of the materials you can compare when choosing tile for a bathroom renovation.


Ceramic tile is an affordable solution for homeowners on a budget. Plus, this type of tile is low-maintenance and durable. This tile is a little softer compared to porcelain. But ceramic tile typically holds up well in this part of the house since the bathroom is a low-traffic area.


Cement tiles, also known as concrete tiles, have a unique feature in that there isn’t a glaze layer on the top surface of the tile. They are quite durable because the tiles are designed using finely ground cement and sand. Then, a pigment layer is pressed onto the surface of the tile to create the color and design. 


Not only is porcelain tile beautiful, but it’s also a functional solution if you are prioritizing long-term durability. This tile is denser than ceramic and is hard-wearing, making it an excellent solution for bathrooms that get a little more use. 


Natural stone tiles can offer a variety of features for your bathroom. These tiles are easy to maintain, add a warm design element, and work great if you plan to install radiant heating in the floors. Plus, natural stone is currently in demand, which means these features can boost the overall value of your home.


If you want a luxurious touch of color, then marble is a beautiful tile to choose for your  bathroom renovation. There is a range of colors you can choose from, with tones ranging from light to dark. Additionally, marble provides a unique design feature since the veining patterns can be striking or subtle, depending on the marble you choose. 


Granite is a popular type of tile for flooring. These tiles are great for the bathroom because they are resistant to staining and add unique color and pattern features to the room. Because granite is a popular and luxurious material, installing this tile for bathroom renovation is one way you can increase the value of your property.

Decide Who Will Install the Tile

Not only do you need to choose from different colors, materials, and styling options when picking tile for bathroom renovation, but you also need to consider how the tile will be installed in your home., some homeowners attempt to tile their bathroom as a  DIY project, then discover that tile work requires more time and effort than anticipated.

The simplest and most effective solution is to hire a professional tile installation team. Then, instead of having your bathroom under construction for weeks or months as a continuing  DIY project, you can trust that the pros will complete the work in a short time. 

Plus, the outcome of professional tile installation will look much better. This is because our pro team knows the best practices for tile layout and placement, and we bring the best equipment to create optimal results.

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