Best Tools for Cutting and Bending Stone-Coated Metal Roofing

When it comes to stone-coated metal roofing, having the proper tools is more than just a convenience—it’s a game changer. With the right tools, roofing contractors can save time, increase profit margins, reduce material waste and improve their overall craftsmanship.

In this guide, we’ll review two tools specially-designed for cutting and bending stone-coated metal: The Swenson Shear Stone Coat Cutter and the Swenson Shear Base and Ridge Bender.

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The Limitations of Hand-Held Saws and Metal-Cutting Blades

Swenson Shear Stone Coat Cutter: A Clean Cut Every Time

Swenson Shear Base and Ridge Bender: 2-in-1 Tool for Bending Stone-Coated Steel

FAQs About Swenson Shear Tools 

The Limitations of Hand-Held Saws and Metal-Cutting Blades 

Metal roofing jobs often require precision cuts at various angles. And while hand-held saws and metal-cutting blades will always have their place on the job site, they often fall short when it comes to precision cuts.

Any roofer who has used a hand-held circular saw to take ½” off of  stone-coated metal knows how tricky and hazardous it can be. Even high-quality metal-cutting blades can suffer from wear and tear or need to be replaced after just one heavy-duty job–a cost that quickly adds up given their $40-$50 price range. Factor in the time and labor for re-sharpening blades, and it’s clear that there’s room for improvement.

This is where Swenson Shear’s Stone Coat Cutter changes the game. 

Swenson Shear Stone Coat Cutter: A Clean Cut Every Time

Often referred to as “the Swenson utility knife” due to its many applications, the Swenson Shear Stone Coat Cutter  is designed for a variety of metal roofing applications, including:

Stone-coated metal roofing

14-gauge stainless flat sheets

Hemmed (layered) sheet metal up to .075 thickness

Precision cuts are a breeze thanks to the Stone Coat Cutter’s 34” high-carbon steel blade. The dual-edged blade cuts straight and true regardless of user experience and can be easily rotated to prolong its cutting life.Weighing just 65 pounds and featuring removable legs and thumbscrews, the Stone Coat Cutter can be easily transported to any job site.

Swenson Shear Base and Ridge Bender: 2-in-1 Tool for Bending Stone-Coated Steel

The Swenson Shear Base and Ridge Bender  is a 2-in-1 tool designed specifically for bending stone-coated steel. The base bender bends stone-coated steel panels at the rakes, side walls, hips and valley to control water from moving sideways into the roof. The ridge bender is used anywhere on the steel panels where there’s a short course in the field, head wall and ridge.

The Base and Ridge Bender offers a maximum ridge bend of 55″ and an effective width of 56″, making it ideal for bending stone-coated steel panels even on the full diagonal.

And forget about hitching up a trailer to get this tool to the job site. The Base and Ridge Bender is easy to assemble, weighs less than 100 pounds and has convenient dimensions of 36”x24”x12”.

The Base and Ridge Bender also works in unison with the Stone Coat Cutter to provide a comprehensive, effective solution for the installation of stone-coated metal roofing.

FAQs About Swenson Shear Stone Coat Tools 

Q: What is the maintenance schedule for Swenson Shear tools? 

A: Both the Stone Coat Cutter and the Base and Ridge Bender are designed to be efficient and low-maintenance. The high-carbon steel blades used in the Stone Coat Cutter are dual-edged and can be rotated to prolong cutting life. Generally, light lubrication and cleaning after use should suffice for most maintenance needs. In case of heavy usage, regular inspections for signs of wear or potential mechanical issues can prevent unexpected downtime on the job site.

Q: Can Swenson Shear tools be used with other brands of stone-coated steel roofing materials, or are they exclusive to DECRA Metal Roofing? 

A: Swenson Shear tools can be used with other brands of stone-coated steel roofing materials. The key is to always ensure the thickness and hardness of the materials fall within the specifications stated for the tools.

Q: Are there any safety considerations while operating these tools? 

A: As with any tools, proper safety measures should be observed while using Swenson Shear tools. Always wear appropriate protective equipment, such as safety gloves and glasses. Both tools should be used on stable and level ground to avoid any tipping hazards. It’s also important to keep the tools out of the reach of unauthorized personnel, especially when not in use.

Q: Do Swenson Shear tools require any special training or skills to operate?

A: One of the biggest advantages of Swenson Shear tools is that they are designed for simplicity and ease of use, so no special training is required. However, having a basic understanding of metal roofing installation and the roofing material you’re working with can be beneficial in achieving the best results.

DECRA Metal Roofing and Swenson Shear: A Winning Combination

As the original stone-coated metal roofing manufacturer, DECRA Metal Roofing products have withstood the test of time since 1957. Right alongside DECRA, Swenson Shear has been providing innovative and top-quality tools for metal roof panel preparation and installation since 1959.

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