Bathroom ideas for small bathrooms. How to optimize your tiny space?

Have you ever wondered how to optimize space in a way that it doesn’t look overwhelmed, but modern and stylish instead? When this space is your bathroom, that just has to fit all of your’ and your family’s stuff, the situation might get really challenging. Well, don’t worry, we all have been there.  That’s why Perfect Choice Exteriors has put together here some of the best ideas that we’ve used in our work in order to turn a tiny space into a nice and cozy bathroom.

Top bathroom ideas for small bathrooms

When talking about bathroom ideas, the UK is probably one of the first countries that come to your mind not only because of all unique trends that are born on a daily basis but because of the fact that space optimization is of decisive importance here. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about organizing some space in a small apartment or building a second bathroom in your house, every one of us has faced at least once the challenge to find the perfect balance between comfort and style. So let’s get started:

– Start from the corners

One of our first bathroom ideas for small bathrooms may sound obvious, but it’s actually really useful yet often underrated. When looking for some extra space, just think about which corners might be used. Sometimes a simple corner sink with vanity can be a great solution that will free up the space you need. And if you are tired of all the bruises that sharp corners might cause, this idea might be a great solution for you.

– Get some extra space, extending the counters near your sink

The best about those small bathroom ideas is the fact that you will get some extra space for your toilet articles without affecting the toilet placement. If your sink is placed near your toilet, you can just use the space above the flushing cistern to extend the sink counter. This way you will create a modern look and win some space at the same time.

– Consider installing a shower instead of bathtub

Although a lot of people prefer the comfort of a bathtub over a shower, it is a fact that bathtubs take a big part of the space in your bathroom. And when you are looking for bathroom ideas for small bathrooms, obviously every inch matters. So instead of thinking fit a big bathtub, just install a nice and stylish shower. You will get even more space if you skip the glass doors and put shower curtains in their place. If you still insist on having a bathtub to relax in, it is also a great idea to take a look at the freestanding custom designed ones. Lots of them are made in small sizes that can fit perfectly in tiny spaces.

–  Choose your tiles wisely

The space that you see and the free space that your bathroom actually has are not necessarily always the same. You can make your restroom look bigger just by choosing the right tiles. In order to get this effect, you can either choose the same tiles for your walls and floor or choose an accent color that will contrast on the rest of your bathroom décor. Alternatively, you can also choose a pattern with big figures on it for one of your walls. This will add some fresh new look and extend the room optically.

– Play with mirrors and mirror effects

This is probably one of the most popular and effective ways to make your bathroom look bigger. If you put a big mirror or even a mirror wall, your bathroom looks almost twice as big as it actually is. Even well-chosen mirror tiles will reflect the light, making the entire room brighter. Of course, having so many mirrors or shiny objects is not for everyone, but you can always customize the design according to your needs.

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