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In the picturesque heart of Washington, Perfect Choice Exteriors & Bathrooms stands as a paragon of bathroom remodeling finesse. Capturing the essence of Washington’s vibrant community and its evolving tastes, we’re devoted to crafting bathroom spaces that radiate luxury, functionality, and enduring grace.


Bathrooms in Washington transition from mere spaces of utility to reflections of personal elegance. Our adept team, skilled at intertwining Washington’s local allure with global design sensibilities, reshapes every element of your bathroom, from chic vanities to innovative storage solutions. Our vision is to transform traditional bathrooms into opulent retreats.

Bathroom remodel


In the calm environs of Washington, a tub is more than a fixture; it’s a solace. From the modern freestanding styles to the timeless clawfoot selections, our tub range is a call to indulgence. Each design manifests our commitment to luxury and impeccable craftsmanship.


Tub-to-Shower Conversions

Adapting to Washington’s forward-thinking spirit, we excel in Tub-to-Shower conversions, catering to those leaning towards a spacious, modern shower arena. This seamless transition not only amplifies the bathroom’s aesthetic quotient but also enhances its practical utility. Our conversions seamlessly blend design, safety, and space efficiency.

Shower Surround

Walk-In Tubs

Echoing Washington’s inclusive community spirit, our walk-in tubs are where comfort meets luxury. Carefully designed, these tubs cater to users across different age demographics and mobility considerations, promising a secure and serene bathing experience.



Our showers, inspired by Washington’s dynamic ethos, elevate beyond mere utility. Whether it’s the minimalist elegance of our frameless glass enclosures or the multi-feature luxury of our advanced shower panels, each experience is a revitalizing journey.

glass shower

Tub and Shower Enclosures

Blending aesthetic appeal with functionality, our tub and shower enclosures are a nod to Washington’s discerning tastes. Crafted for longevity and ease of maintenance, these elements enhance the allure of your bathroom, safeguarding its pristine ambiance.

Complete Remodels

In sync with Washington’s contemporary vibrancy, our holistic remodeling services transform every space. Viewing each existing setting as a blank canvas, we infuse it with modern design nuances intertwined with your unique preferences, crafting an ambiance that’s both state-of-the-art and warmly personal.

Efficient Installations

Understanding the essence of time in bustling Washington, our signature 2-day installations for tubs and showers ensure that you can soon luxuriate in your renewed space without a prolonged wait.

Why Washington Relies on Perfect Choice Exteriors & Bathrooms?

Local Understanding: Our grounding in Washington, IL, enriches our perspective, enabling a deep comprehension of the community’s architectural nuances and personal preferences, resulting in truly resonant solutions.

Craftsmanship Mastery: Every endeavor is a reflection of our dedication to unparalleled perfection. Harnessing top-tier materials and cutting-edge methodologies, we birth spaces that enchant for lifetimes.

Personalized Journeys: Central to our approach is you. Each phase, from ideation to fruition, is tailored to resonate with your dreams, culminating in spaces that truly captivate.

For the discerning citizens of Washington, IL, aspiring for a bathroom that seamlessly marries personal style with contemporary sophistication, Perfect Choice Exteriors & Bathrooms stands unmatched.

Engage with us today, and together, let’s bring your dream bathroom to life.



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