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Amidst Streator’s historic echoes and progressive pulse, Perfect Choice Exteriors & Bathrooms stands as a lighthouse of bathroom remodeling prowess. Marrying Streator’s rich history with contemporary design paradigms, we craft bathroom spaces that radiate luxury, efficiency, and eternal elegance.


In Streator, where echoes of the past seamlessly blend with future aspirations, bathrooms evolve beyond mere utilities; they become intimate retreats of splendor. Our adept team, proficient in merging Streator’s distinctive charm with contemporary design cues, revitalizes each facet of your bathroom, from modern vanities to cutting-edge storage innovations. We conceive bathrooms as magnificent sanctuaries of solace.

Bathroom remodel


Within the scenic bounds of Streator, a tub transforms from a mere accessory to an oasis of serenity. Ranging from ultra-modern freestanding variants to the eternal grace of clawfoot designs, our selection of tubs entices you into an unparalleled bathing experience. Each model encapsulates our unwavering dedication to quality and luxury.


Tub-to-Shower Conversions

Embodying Streator’s spirit of adaptation, our Tub-to-Shower conversions are tailor-made for those desiring a spacious, contemporary shower realm. These refinements elevate the bathroom’s visual appeal while maximizing its practicality. Every conversion is a harmonious blend of design elegance, safety, and spatial efficiency.

Shower Surround

Walk-In Tubs

Honoring Streator’s values of inclusivity and warmth, our walk-in tubs synergize opulence with accessibility. Crafted with precision, they cater to everyone, ensuring a bathing ritual that is simultaneously luxurious and secure.



Taking cues from Streator’s vibrant character, our showers become symbols of refreshment. Whether it’s the unadulterated beauty of our frameless glass enclosures or the layered richness of our advanced shower systems, each droplet promises revitalization.

glass shower

Tub and Shower Enclosures

Balancing form with function, our tub and shower enclosures reflect Streator’s love for elegance and durability. Engineered for lasting charm and minimal upkeep, they elevate your bathroom’s ambiance while shielding its immaculate beauty.

Complete Remodels

In tune with Streator’s transformative essence, our comprehensive remodeling initiatives breathe renewed vitality into traditional spaces. Weaving together modern design principles with personalized touches, the outcome feels refreshingly innovative yet deeply homely.

Swift Installations

In line with Streator’s dynamic tempo, our signature 2-day installations for tubs and showers underscore our commitment to efficiency, allowing you to immerse in the splendor of your renewed space swiftly.

Why Streator Turns to Perfect Choice Exteriors & Bathrooms?

Local Expertise: Deeply anchored in Streator, IL, our insights into the town’s architectural rhythms and residents’ predilections guarantee designs that truly resonate.

Unparalleled Craftsmanship: Each endeavor showcases our commitment to unmatched excellence. Using premium materials and advanced techniques, we forge bathrooms that captivate for decades.

Custom Creations: At our core is you, our esteemed patron. From conceptualization to completion, we ensure every aspect mirrors your vision, resulting in spaces that genuinely enchant.

For the discerning populace of Streator, IL, yearning for a bathroom that masterfully interweaves personal essence with state-of-the-art design, Perfect Choice Exteriors & Bathrooms is the definitive choice.

Reach out to us today, and embark on a journey towards crafting your dream bathroom.



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