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In the heart of Illinois, where history breathes and the future beckons, Springfield’s essence is vividly captured by Perfect Choice Exteriors & Bathrooms. As champions of bathroom remodeling, we gracefully intertwine Springfield’s storied past with its bright tomorrow, crafting spaces that emanate luxury, functionality, and eternal charm.


Springfield, with its vibrant tales and contemporary aspirations, deserves bathrooms that are more than just functional spaces; they should be reflections of personal opulence. Our seasoned team, adept at blending Springfield’s unique allure with the latest in design innovation, metamorphoses every corner of your bathroom, from state-of-the-art vanities to space-savvy storage dynamics. We envision bathrooms that serve as resplendent havens of serenity.

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Within the rhythmic hum of Springfield, a tub isn’t just a fixture—it’s an oasis of calm. From avant-garde freestanding designs to classic clawfoot choices, our variety of tubs invites you to indulge in a bathing experience par excellence. Each meticulously selected tub embodies our relentless commitment to unmatched luxury.


Tub-to-Shower Conversions

Echoing Springfield’s spirit of continuous evolution, our Tub-to-Shower conversions cater to those envisioning a roomier, modern shower arena. This transformative journey elevates the bathroom’s aesthetic quotient while simultaneously maximizing its practical essence. Our conversions are a confluence of design elegance, safety, and strategic space allocation.

Shower Surround

Walk-In Tubs

In tune with Springfield’s legacy of embracing all, our walk-in tubs seamlessly combine luxury with accessibility. Intricately designed to cater to diverse needs, these tubs guarantee a bathing experience that’s equally sumptuous and secure.



Inspired by Springfield’s dynamic pulse, our showers become centers of refreshment and renewal. Be it the sheer grace of our frameless glass enclosures or the immersive luxury of our advanced shower systems, every moment promises pure revitalization.

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Tub and Shower Enclosures

A blend of beauty and pragmatism, our tub and shower enclosures mirror Springfield’s sophisticated preferences. Constructed for durability and streamlined maintenance, they accentuate your bathroom’s elegance while preserving its spotless aura.

Complete Remodels

Synchronized with Springfield’s spirit of reinvention, our comprehensive remodeling endeavors transform familiar spaces into realms of modern allure. By merging contemporary design with your unique essence, we craft spaces that feel avant-garde yet intimately familiar.

Expedient Installations

Recognizing Springfield’s progressive tempo, our signature 2-day installations for tubs and showers are a testament to our dedication to efficiency, letting you immerse in your revamped sanctuary without undue delay.

Why Springfield Embraces Perfect Choice Exteriors & Bathrooms?

Local Expertise: Rooted deeply in Springfield, IL, our nuanced understanding of the city’s architectural nuances and its inhabitants’ desires result in designs that truly resonate with the local heart.

Unsurpassed Craftsmanship: Every project is a showcase of our passion for perfection. Harnessing premium materials and cutting-edge techniques, we conceive bathrooms that are both aesthetically appealing and enduring.

Customized Solutions: Central to our mission is our client – you. Every step, from conceptualization to execution, is tailored to reflect your dream, culminating in masterpieces that distinctly echo your persona.

For the discerning residents of Springfield, IL, aspiring for a bathroom that harmoniously melds personal touch with contemporary elegance, Perfect Choice Exteriors & Bathrooms stands as the zenith.

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