Pontiac Window Replacement

Window Replacement in Pontiac, IL by Perfect Choice Exteriors & Bathrooms

Enrich Your Pontiac Residence with Superior Window Replacement

Pontiac, with its storied history and community vibrancy, exemplifies the blend of tradition with modern aspirations. Homes in this charming city mirror this ethos, demanding enhancements that complement both aspects. Perfect Choice Exteriors & Bathrooms rises to this challenge, ensuring that Pontiac homes not only shine in appearance but also resonate in terms of comfort and energy efficiency through first-rate window replacements.

Showcasing Our Exceptional Lineup: Alliance Windows by Midway


In association with Alliance Windows by Midway, we’re honored to present Pontiac homeowners with a window collection that speaks volumes in terms of design excellence, robust functionality, and enduring strength. Our diverse range caters to the myriad architectural styles and personal preferences in Pontiac. Here’s a brief rundown:

Single-Hung Windows: These classic fixtures are evergreen, providing a perfect balance between function and form.

Double-Hung Windows: Equipped with dual operational sashes, they allow generous airflow, making them a staple for Pontiac homes.

Double Hung Window

Casement Windows: If you’re a fan of unhindered vistas and generous natural light, these windows, with their outward swing, are your best bet

Casement Window

Picture Windows: Frame the beauty of Pontiac’s outdoors right within your living space with these stationary, expansive windows.

Picture Window

Sliding Windows: With horizontal movement, they offer wide views and effortless operation – ideal for contemporary homes.

Sliding Window

Bay Windows: Enhance the architectural integrity of your space, offering multi-angled views and the possibility of added seating or storage.

Bay Window

Bow Windows: These form a gentle curve with multiple panels, delivering a touch of luxury and a panoramic perspective.

Bow window

Geometric Windows: For homes that seek to stand out, these can be customized into a variety of captivating shapes, adding a unique flair.

geometric half-moon window

Prioritizing Energy Efficiency


With Pontiac’s seasonal weather variations, it’s imperative that homes are equipped to handle both the chill and warmth with ease. Our offerings, hailing from Alliance Windows by Midway, boast unparalleled insulation, ensuring interiors remain comfortable all year round. This not only enhances living quality but can also lead to energy bill savings.

The Perfect Choice Exteriors & Bathrooms Assurance

  • • Veteran Expertise: Our legacy in the industry underscores our ability to deliver exceptional outcomes consistently.
  • • Transparent Dialogues: Trust and clarity form our foundational pillars, ensuring homeowners are always in the loop.
  • • Unbeatable Value: While our commitment to quality remains unwavering, we are also conscious of providing cost-effective solutions.
  • • Unparalleled Service: Every project, big or small, receives our undivided attention, reflecting our mission to meet and exceed homeowner expectations.

For residents of Pontiac considering an upgrade or even a complete window transformation, look no further than Perfect Choice Exteriors & Bathrooms. Together, we can craft spaces that mirror the essence and pride of Pontiac, IL.



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