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Strategically located in the heart of Morton, IL, Perfect Choice Exteriors & Bathrooms shines as a benchmark in bathroom remodeling artistry. Grasping the unique sensibilities of our Morton community, our endeavor is to design bathroom spaces that radiate luxury, function, and timeless sophistication.


A bathroom in Morton is not just a functional space, but a testament to personal elegance. Our expert team, adept in blending local aesthetics with global inspirations, reshapes every facet of your bathroom, from urbane vanities to intuitive storage modules. We aim to metamorphose standard bathrooms into grand havens of luxury and serenity.

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In the peaceful environs of Morton, a tub is a haven of relaxation. Be it the sleek freestanding models or the classic clawfoot selections, our tub assortment beckons you for an unrivaled bathing rendezvous. Each piece showcases our unwavering dedication to opulence and top-tier craftsmanship.


Tub-to-Shower Conversions

In tune with the evolving desires of Morton’s discerning residents, we specialize in Tub-to-Shower conversions, ideal for those gravitating towards a contemporary, spacious shower environment. This elegant transformation accentuates your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal while enhancing its utility. Emphasizing design, safety, and efficient use of space, our conversions are the epitome of modern sophistication.

Shower Surround

Walk-In Tubs

For the refined populace of Morton, our walk-in tubs are the embodiment of luxury meeting safety. Consciously designed, these tubs cater to individuals of varied age brackets and mobility considerations, ensuring a calm and safeguarded bathing experience.



Our showers are a tribute to Morton’s vibrant spirit, moving beyond mere utility to deliver an invigorating experience. Whether it’s the refined allure of our frameless glass enclosures or the comprehensive features of our shower panels, each experience is a refreshing embrace.

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Tub and Shower Enclosures

With precision and aesthetic prowess, our tub and shower enclosures marry beauty with practicality. Engineered for endurance and effortless upkeep, these elements augment your bathroom’s charm while proficiently maintaining its sanctity.

Complete Remodels

In the scenic backdrop of Morton, we offer transformative remodeling services. Breathing fresh vigor into antiquated spaces, we mesh modern design aesthetics with your distinct tastes, forging a sanctuary that mirrors both contemporary flair and personal preference.

Efficient Installations

Time is a treasured commodity in bustling Morton. Recognizing this, our swift 2-day installations for tubs and showers ensure you enjoy your rejuvenated space promptly, yet with meticulous attention to detail.

Why Choose Perfect Choice Exteriors & Bathrooms in East Peoria?

Local Expertise: Our deep roots in Morton, IL, enrich our perspective, enabling us to understand the community’s architectural idiosyncrasies and individual inclinations, thereby delivering resonant solutions.

Stellar Craftsmanship: Each undertaking mirrors our passion for unparalleled excellence. Harnessing the best materials and avant-garde methodologies, we sculpt masterpieces destined to enchant for generations.

Bespoke Experience: At Perfect Choice Exteriors & Bathrooms, you’re at the epicenter. Every stage, from conception to culmination, is in sync with your aspirations, yielding outcomes that genuinely captivate.

For Morton, IL’s inhabitants aspiring for a bathroom that seamlessly fuses their individuality with modern elegance, Perfect Choice Exteriors & Bathrooms stands as the unrivaled ally.

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