LaSalle Siding Replacement

Premium Siding Solutions for LaSalle, IL Residences

LaSalle, IL, affectionately known as the “Second Oldest City in Illinois,” is a city steeped in history and charm. From classic Victorian homes to modern builds, every house here tells a story. Perfect Choice Exteriors & Bathrooms is dedicated to enriching these stories by offering LaSalle homeowners superior siding solutions that magnify aesthetic appeal and ensure unparalleled protection.

Why LaSalle’s Residents Opt for Perfect Choice:

  • Symbiosis of Heritage & Modernity: With homes that reflect the city’s historic significance and embrace the present, our siding options encapsulate this blend, merging traditional allure with state-of-the-art resilience.
  • Tailored for LaSalle’s Climate: Crafted meticulously to withstand LaSalle’s distinct weather patterns, our siding options ensure an ever-inviting interior ambiance all year round.
  • Emphasis on Energy Efficiency: Our premium sidings are designed to bolster insulation, potentially leading to a decrease in energy consumption.




  • The distinguished 7” cedar profile, reminiscent of authentic clapboard design.
  • Evokes the timeless appeal of wood, sans its regular maintenance and associated expenses.
  • An array of 15 refined colors, perfect to accentuate LaSalle’s eclectic architectural palette.
  • Profound grain texture harmonized with a seamless finish.
  • Matching trims that add a touch of finesse to the overall look.


  • Formulated from Cellular PVC, renowned for its stellar resistance to the elements.
  • Treated with the groundbreaking Kynar Aquatec® factory finish for unmatched protection against moisture, impacts, and UV damage.
  • Purposefully designed to naturally ward off dirt and prevent mildew growth.
  • A solid 25-Year Warranty on the factory finish speaks volumes about its longevity.
  • Advanced seam engineering effectively combats moisture intrusion.
  • Gravity lock design ensures consistent architectural precision.
  • Comprehensive trim and accessory collection, crafted using Cellular PVC and graced with the protective shield of Kynar Aquatec®.
  • A green choice, being 100% recyclable.




  • Captivating woodgrain impressions capturing the charm of real cedar siding.
  • 16 modish colors that allow homeowners to create distinctive exterior aesthetics.
  • Enhanced insulated trim adds a touch of sophistication while promising energy conservation.


  • Superior insulation delivered through graphite-infused foam, further amplified by Neopor® from BASE SE.
  • Expertly mitigates thermal bridging for a comfortable interior climate.
  • Stellar moisture defense ensures a dry indoor environment, also facilitating vapor escape.
  • Amplified sound insulation and formidable impact resistance.
  • The innovative TXL™ Lamination Technology anchors the bond between siding and foam, ensuring longevity.



Top Features:

  • A masterful recreation of genuine wood textures.
  • A promise of a carefree lifestyle with minimal maintenance.
  • Engineered for robust moisture defense and effortless installation.
  • Fire-safe and championing sustainability at 100% recyclable.
  • An assuring 25-year prorated limited warranty.
  • Built robustly to withstand gusts up to 200 mph.
  • The enduring PVDF top coat guarantees long-lasting vibrancy.

Design & Performance:

The ingenious overlapping design ensures that seams are a thing of the past, facilitating longer panel lengths. With both woodgrain and solid color choices, Cedar Renditions creates a visually immersive narrative. Made from environmentally-friendly aluminum, it guarantees moisture, cold, and pest resistance.

Our Commitment to LaSalle’s Citizens:

Our dedication to LaSalle homeowners goes beyond mere installation. We promise unwavering support, ensuring your home’s exterior remains in pristine condition for decades.

In Tune with LaSalle’s Essence:

Our intimate understanding of LaSalle’s rich history and the aspirations of its community allows us to craft solutions that truly resonate with the city’s character.

Concluding Insights: Where History Meets Modernity

LaSalle’s homes are embodiments of memories, legacies, and dreams. Partner with Perfect Choice Exteriors & Bathrooms to ensure these dreams have an exterior that truly complements their spirit. Engage with us and let’s craft a vision for your LaSalle home that is both timeless and contemporary. Reach out for a detailed consultation, and let’s curate an exterior worthy of LaSalle’s rich legacy.



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