How to Prevent Hard Water Stains on Windows

Unfortunately, water stains aren’t confined to just your dishes. In addition to dirt and grime, hard water stains on the windows of your home can really make your house look bad too. So how do you deal with water stains that are ruining the look and beauty of your windows?

In this article we’ll share some tips and advice on the best way to minimize hard water stains on windows and ways to prevent your windows from getting stained in the first place.

Besides keeping your windows looking their best, preventing the excessive build-up of minerals from the hard water will also protect the glass from becoming permanently stained.

Ensure Dry Surfaces after Cleaning

One way to prevent windows from staining is to make sure the surfaces of your windows are completely dry after cleaning. This should prevent hard water spots from developing due to residual water that is left to dry on the glass. Using a microfiber cloth, instead of a regular cloth or paper towel is a good way to soak up the excess water without leaving streaks or residue. A microfiber cloth can be easily washed, dried, and reused, creating an eco-friendly option for drying your windows.

Adjust Sprinklers

You may not even realize it, but the placement of your outdoor sprinklers can have an impact on the appearance of your windows. If your sprinklers are consistently spraying water on your windows during watering, it will be almost impossible to keep them dry after each cycle. After a while, hard water can build-up and cloud your windows, making them look dingy. If this is the case, try repositioning your sprinklers. Try to position them in a way that allows them to still do their job, without giving your windows an unnecessary bath in the process. This can also help reduce the risk of getting hard water stains on car windows if your car is positioned in line with spray from your sprinklers.

Plant Bushes Near Windows

Another option to consider is to plant bushes near your windows to help deflect some of the spray away from your windows. The water being caught by the bushes will not only help to keep it off your windows, but it will also keep the bushes nourished so you’re not wasting water. This is a good alternative when repositioning your sprinklers is not a practical option.

Use a Glass Protectant

Even with these extra precautions, it might be helpful to use a glass protectant to keep your windows looking their best. A  water-repellent product will help prevent water from staying on your window after they get wet. Glass Doctor’s hydrophobic coating repels water and oil, which makes the glass surfaces easier to keep clean. Oil attaches dirt and other dust particles that can make the glass appear cloudy. So, less water and oil on your windows means you won’t have as much dirt, grime and water stains to deal with. This will call for less frequent cleaning, glossier surfaces, and an environmentally friendly option to keep your glass clear.

How Are Your Windows?

Preventing hard water stains on your windows is one way to keep them looking great. It’s also important to make sure your windows are doing their job when it comes to insulating your home and protecting you and your family during a storm. If you have older windows and are interested in window upgrades or replacement, contact the local pros at Perfect Choice Exteriors.

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