Alton Bathroom Remodeling

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In the picturesque embrace of Alton, where the Mississippi River weaves tales of times past, Perfect Choice Exteriors & Bathrooms has anchored itself as the beacon of bathroom remodeling expertise. Marrying the nostalgic aura of Alton with trailblazing design aesthetics, we sculpt bathroom spaces that are luxurious, pragmatic, and enduringly beautiful.


Alton’s rich river history has long shaped its spirit, making it a city where tales of yore blend seamlessly with urban ambitions. Our bathrooms mirror this ethos. Every space we recreate becomes a confluence of Alton’s unique character and contemporary comforts, ensuring an ambiance of tranquility and timeless elegance.

Bathroom remodel


Much like the majestic Mississippi that skirts Alton, our tubs are more than functional fixtures; they’re places of reprieve. Whether you’re drawn to the streamlined grace of our freestanding variants or the nostalgic allure of clawfoot tubs, we offer a serene escape, promising moments of reflection and relaxation.


Tub-to-Shower Conversions

Adapting to the changing times is quintessential Alton. Our Tub-to-Shower conversions cater to those who seek a rejuvenated, expansive shower expanse. These transformations elegantly fuse aesthetic pleasure with unmatched practicality, ensuring your space feels both fresh and functional.

Shower Surround

Walk-In Tubs

The inclusiveness of Alton is captured beautifully in our walk-in tubs. Meticulously designed to be safe yet luxurious, they ensure every resident, regardless of age or mobility, can indulge in a lavish bathing experience without compromise.



Mirroring the effervescence of Alton’s vibrant community, our showers offer a refreshing retreat. Whether you favor the clear expanse of frameless enclosures or the intricate detailing of our elite shower systems, every droplet promises rejuvenation.

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Tub and Shower Enclosures

Our tub and shower enclosures, meticulously crafted, echo Alton’s commitment to beauty and durability. By blending chic designs with robust materials, we ensure your bathroom remains a sanctuary, safeguarded against the test of time.

Complete Remodels

In the ever-evolving landscape of Alton, our complete bathroom remodels infuse a fresh lease of life into spaces. By layering modern aesthetics over individual preferences, we craft spaces that radiate both modernity and warmth.

Swift Installations

In keeping with Alton’s pulse, our signature 2-day installations for tubs and showers promise efficiency without compromising on quality. Dive into your rejuvenated spaces sooner, with the assurance of our craftsmanship.




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